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This time, due to restricted onsite operating condition, with no pre-job clean up or clean water circulation, KATEYE™ Downhole Video(Camera) Tool is still able to obtain real time high quality images of the top of the wireline, which greatly improved the upcoming retrieval operation. These images not only show the exact conditions of the top of wire but also an unexpected casing deformation area on the tubing pipe.

On August 15th, 2016, Client from CNPC lost one string of PLT tool with 4250 meters cable in a production well in the Sichuan Basin. In this case, the well tubing is made by CRA material and the cable is H2S resistive non-magnetic material, therefore the depth of the fish can not  be detected by CCL.

The fishing team has run coiled tubing with fishing tool 3 times trying to catch the cable without success, Katwell Downhole video(camera) tool has been deployed under these circumstances. With a single run, the tool captured the real time vivid images, through which the fish depth and condition has been accurately determined. In the end, the cable has been fished successfully in one time by coiled tubing with newly designed fish BHA string.

*This is another great example of how Kateye™ Downhole Video(Camera) Tool can quickly be deployed to provide the view of the problem in the well. With confirmation of the suspected problem and identification of unknown problem, the clients will have all the information needed to find the best solution and then fix the problem.