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Katwell Won the High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Recently, Xi'an Katwell Energy Technology Co., Ltd. received the "High-tech Enterprise" certificate.

DHV Assisted CNPC Fishing Operation

On August 15th, 2016, Client from CNPC lost one string of PLT tool with 4250 meters cable in a production well in the Sichuan Basin. In this case, the well tubing is made by CRA material and the cable is H2S resistive non-magnetic material, therefore the depth of the fish can not be detected by CC...

Perforation Gas Entering Check SINOPEC

On March 19, 2016, at Sinopec JY-36-3 shale gas field, an exploratory project on shale gas exploitation, in the Sichuan Basin, KATEYE™ Downhole Video (Camera) Tool V2.0 run on coiled tubing successfully captured the perforations and gas bubbles images and videos with high quality at horizontal sec...

Casing Inspection PetroChina

In October 2015, at CNPC XJ-1 gas field in the Sichuan Basin, KATEYE™ Downhole Video Tool V1.0 captured vivid downhole images and videos.KATEYE™ Downhole Video Tools provide the real-time 360 condition monitoring of the casing wall and enhanced the client’s interpretation and assessment of well in...