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Global Reach

Katwell is a fast growing oilfield service company, and is aimed to become a truly global oilfield service provider. With the provision of well logging products/services and directional drilling services, the company made the small-to-big business transition in less than 10 years.

In the next decade, Katwell’s marketing strategy will be continue to promote sales of our services and products. For directional drilling services, focus will continue to be on fulfillment of its current contract and business expansion in Middle East areas. For imaging well logging services, Katwell will endeavor to establish a certain number of service hubs both in China and abroad so as to facilitate the company’s ability to secure the exist business and pass on the value-added services to customers via rapid reaction in the mobilization of equipment and personnel; also, to establish a stable, larger and more diversified customer base.

*Seeking Global Cooperation for Kateye™ Downhole Video(Camera) Tools

Katwell Energy is Now Looking for Cooperation Partners & New Opportunities in Developing International Market for its Downhole Video (Camera) tools. If you are interested, please do no hesitate to get in touch with Daniel: zy@katwell.com