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Directional Drilling Services

Katwell has senior directional well engineers and a professional directional well service team, mastering a number of directional drilling technologies suitable for different well types and complex geological environments, and can supply directional well general contracting services, directional well technician services, directional tools (instruments) services.

Directional Drilling Services

1. Equipment Situation

Katwell has dozens of sets of various directional drilling related instruments and equipment, including Beijing Hailan MWD wireless measurement while drilling instrument, American Tolteq MWD wireless measurement while drilling instrument, American APS SureShot MWD wireless measurement while drilling instrument and American Baker Hughes LWD wireless logging while drilling instrument, electronic single and multi-shot measuring instruments, gyroscopes, etc. At the same time, we can provide downhole motor tools, non-magnetic drill collars, centralizers and other related directional tools.

2. Technical Capability

Katwell has the technical ability to undertake the operation of window sidetrack drilling, cluster wells, extended reach wells, medium and short radius horizontal wells, connected horizontal wells, 3D bypass wells and lateral horizontal wells.

Operation records:

  • Minimum wellbore 6";

  • Maximum well inclination 95°;

  • The maximum vertical depth is 6000m;

  • The longest horizontal section is 1200m;

  • It can be operated under the formation temperature of 175℃.

3. Construction Experience

Up to now, Katwell has completed more than 100 technical services for various directional wells and horizontal wells in Changqing, Liaohe, North China, Shengli, Yanchang and other oilfields in China, as well as in the Middle East, Indonesia and other countries. The drilling technologies of flat wells, horizontal wells in thin oil layers, and ultra-long horizontal sections of horizontal wells in Sulige Gas Field are all manifestations of comprehensive technical strength.