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Workover Service

Katwell can perform various conventional workover operations for oil, gas and water wells, including pump inspection, pump replacement, wax cleaning, sand flushing, channeling and sealing, wellhead troubleshooting, formation plugging removal and other conventional workover services.

 Workover Service

For different complex and difficult downhole accidents, eight series of overhaul technology have been formed:

1. Electric submersible pump overhaul and salvage technology;

2. Overhaul and salvage technology for falling objects such as curved rods;

3. Overhaul and salvage technology of sand control pipe string;

4. Overhaul technology of water injection wells;

5. Small cased well overhaul technology;

6. Ultra-low pressure gas well overhaul technology;

7. High inclination and horizontal well overhaul technology;

8. High-efficiency sleeve milling technology.

According to the characteristics of horizontal wells and highly deviated wells and the particularity of salvage technology, four types of supporting technology are researched and summarized. Equipped with advanced tools such as flushing pipe centralizer, five-function slip overshot, hydraulic booster, etc. Implement effective salvage. The maximum well inclination reached 90 degrees, the maximum build rate reached 30 degrees/100 meters, and the maximum well depth was 3,500 meters.

Casing Window Sidetracking Horizontal Well Technology

1. The use of window sidetracking and sidetracking horizontal wells in old wells to fully develop the remaining oil is an efficient engineering measure to prolong the life of the oil well. Currently, the 5.5-inch casing can achieve horizontal sidetracking to 1,600 feet, and the 7-inch casing can achieve horizontal sidetracking. 2600 - 3200 feet;

2. It can greatly improve the single well production and reservoir recovery, and save a lot of drilling costs.

Comprehensive Management of Casing

According to the casing damage, the damage type, characteristics and casing damage mechanism can be studied, with a complete set of casing damage prevention and control technology systems and a series of casing damage prevention and protection technologies from drilling, completion, cementing and development and production. It can carry out a series of casing repair services based on repairing and expanding casing, explosive shaping, channel drilling, casing reinforcement, casing replacement, sidetracking, and a series of casing condition detection services based on engineering logging.

Diagnosis and Evaluation of Casing Damage

1. String inspection and sealing;

2, casing shaping;

3. Casing subsidies;

4. Casing reinforcement;

5. Invert the casing and change the casing;

6. Expansion pipe construction;

7. Superfine cement plugging.