Perforation Gas Entering Check SINOPEC

Date: 2016-03-24

On March 19, 2016, at Sinopec JY-36-3 shale gas field, an exploratory project on shale gas exploitation, in the Sichuan Basin, KATEYE™ Downhole Video (Camera) Tool V2.0 run on coiled tubing successfully captured the perforations and gas bubbles images and videos with high quality at horizontal section between 3000 to 3500 meters. The qualitative inspection fact result delivered a large amount of important and valuable information, which is critical for evaluating perforation performance, optimizing frac jobs, shale gas extraction and production later in the project.

Perforation Gas Entering Check SINOPEC

These images clearly show the perforations and the gas entering points, re-evaluated the client’s earlier presumption of the gas entering location. Before the client adopted our downhole video (camera) technology, client also used quantitative analysis method and integrated judging method based on various conventional log curves, such as from multi-finger caliper, electromagnetic wave, temperature and natural gamma-ray.

KATEYE™ Downhole Video (Camera) Tools set a new standard for downhole video (camera) technology and can be run on mono-conductor E-line. Our field proven technology deliver real time condition monitoring of casing wall to help well operators better understand the wellbore. The technology is useful in high pressure/temperature and ultra-deep wells, including oil and gas wells, water wells, geothermal wells, gas storage bank, etc.

By its revolutionary modular design, it achieves both downview and sideview images, due to the big view angle and surface controllable swivel system, the tool will cover the entire downhole casing wall from 3 inch up to 17 inch casing/tubing. The unique multi-source illumination model and lens design can provide best quality image of the area of interest.

KATEYE ™ Downhole Video (Camera) Tools are easily transportable by air or other rapid transit systems.

Additional Information

In 2013, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimated that China’s recoverable shale gas reservoirs is around 31 trillion cubic meters. The Sichuan basin is one of the largest known shale gas reserves in China. From 2010, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the country’s two biggest oil companies, successively started exploration and development of shale gas in this region. According to the earlier report in 2016, Sinopec’s shale gas project in the Sichuan basin has commenced production with an annual capacity of 5 billion cubic meters, and the company plans to boost the project output capacity to 10 billion cubic meters by 2017.

Perforation Gas Entering Check SINOPEC