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Company Profile

Katwell is one of the largest up-rising private oilfield service companies in China focusing on upstream oilfield development and production. The company provides directional and horizontal drilling technical services, workover services, high-end advanced cased-hole and open-hole well logging service in both China and abroad.

Katwell has its principal offices in Xi’an, representative offices in Hongkong, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Houston.


Our mission is to help oil field upstream developers to solve problems, decrease investment risks and maximize production.

Core Value

  • Operational Excellence

  • Customer Focused

  • Technology Innovation

Competitive Advantage

  • Unique technology availabilities

  • Cost-effective products and service

  • Commitment to excellence

  • Sustained investment on R&D

Katwell main business scope includes:

1. Oil and gas field technical services 

  • Workover services: mainly including ESP pump inspection, pump replacement, wax cleaning, sand flushing, channeling and sealing, wellhead troubleshooting, and formation plugging removal, downhole cutting.

  • Directional drilling service: undertake the operation of window sidetrack drilling, cluster wells, extended reach wells, medium and short radius horizontal wells, connected horizontal wells, 3D bypass wells, and lateral horizontal wells, including MWD/LWD geo-steering capabilities.

  • Cased hole well logging service: PLT, Casing integrity service which including Multi-finger caliper, Downhole Video, Magnetic Thickness, Noise log and Gyro.

  • Downhole Electric Cutting Tool: Downhole Electric Cutting Tool is available to cut various downhole strings including drilling pipe, casing, tubing etc.

  • Electro-Hydraulic plug setting service for various plugs and packers.

2. Equipment sales

  • 750HP & 850HP Truck/Tailer-mounted workover rigs.

  • Drilling Jar and downhole motors suitable for different drilling conditions.

  • KATEYE™ downhole video system.

For more information, please contact us.

Tel: +86 29 8730 9835 

Email: zy@katwell.com    lyp@katwell.com